Life at Datategy: Anthony NASR

Hey, my name is Anthony NASR and I am a Software Engineer at Datategy! 

I hold an engineering diploma from Lebanon, which I earned in 2016. In addition, I have recently obtained a second diploma in computer vision from the University of Caen Normandie in France in 2022. I feel I am well-equipped to pursue an exciting career  in the engineering and computer vision industry at Datategy.

Life at Datategy

What's your role at Datategy?

My role is focused on the papAI solutionThis platform is all about AI, which is a super cool field that’s growing really fast. Basically, my job is to make sure the platform is working smoothly and to come up with new features to make it even better. It’s a pretty important job, and I’m really excited to be working on something that’s helping the company provide cutting-edge AI solutions to its clients.

My education has been helping me excel in my current role as a feature developer for the papAI platform at DATATEGY company. I hold two diplomas – one in engineering, and another in computer vision. These diplomas have provided me with a solid foundation in both engineering and computer vision, which are key areas for developing and improving AI-based platforms like papAI. I am proud to say that my knowledge and skills have been instrumental in my ability to contribute to the platform’s feature development efforts. 

It’s exciting to be part of a team that is making significant strides in the AI industry, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work on such a cutting-edge platform.

Tell us a little about the Datategy AI solution

The papAI solution is designed to enable easy collaboration and efficient management of data projects through an intuitive ETL and ML interface. With papAI, users can create new projects and set up a complete data flow, which is represented as an acyclic-directed graph. 

In this graph, each node can be either a dataset or a low or no code operator. Datasets can be sourced from various places such as user inputs, operator computations, or local file and database imports, including popular formats like CSV, Excel, and PostgreSQL. 

Moreover, papAI offers an extensive range of operators, including join and other useful functionalities that you can explore through our YouTube channel, Datategy. Our channel offers real demos to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the platform’s capabilities.

What's your favorite part of your job?

Experiencing the strong teamwork dynamics with my colleagues, and successfully developing and implementing new features or feature upgrades on papAI solution after weeks of dedicated effort, is an incredibly rewarding feeling. As someone who enjoys creating user-centered software and working with data, collaborating with highly educated and experienced professionals makes the experience even more fulfilling.

What's your next challenge at Datategy?

For the future at Datategy. While I’m currently working with data, my ultimate goal is to delve deeper into the analysis of models. 

Working with data has been a great experience for me, and I’ve learned a lot about the industry and the latest technologies in this field. However, I feel that my skills and interests are better suited for model analysis, where I can use my background in engineering and computer vision to make an impact. 

I believe that Datategy is the perfect place for me to develop my skills and advance my career in this direction. I’m looking forward to exploring opportunities in this area and contributing to the company’s mission.

Interested in discovering papAI ?

Our commercial team is at your disposal for any questions.

Life at Datategy: Anthony NASR
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