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Of Explainability Rate, Offering Clarity and Trust in AI-driven Insights in the healthcare sector
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Healthcare Experts Benefits

With papAI, business experts are not simply recipients of the results of data science but become active participants in the process. They can take part in data cleansing, visualize data using intuitive visual tools, and participate in the creation and optimization of models.

Business experts can explore, share and manage datasets using papAI’s integrated data catalog. papAI without replicating data acts as an audit tool on all available data, wherever it is actually stored, and helps to make business sense of it.

papAI offers various explainable AI features, such as feature contribution analysis, sub-population analysis, and Shapley values. These tools can help business experts understand the decisions made by machine learning models and make informed decisions.

Data Scientists Benefits

Data scientists can build, orchestrate and optimize data pipelines from a No-Code graphical user interface, to accelerate and simplify the process of data preparation and analysis + data lineage, data governance, and automation.

All the tasks generated by users through no-code operations generate Spark tasks. These tasks are then automatically orchestrated on the integrated Spark cluster for optimal load balancing. The underlying infrastructure is self-managed and highly scalable. (Kubernetes).

papAI offers robust MLOps capabilities, enabling users to automatically deploy machine learning models in production, monitor them for quality and availability, and quickly retrain and redeploy them.

Hours Saved for Each Data Scientist Environment/Month
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Data Collection​ Data Cleaning using AI

The AI Platform Built for Your Industry

Clinical Decision Accuracy

Enhancing precision in medical diagnoses and treatments

Drug Discovery Speed

Accelerating pharmaceutical research and development processes

Patient Data Security

Safeguarding sensitive healthcare information with robust AI

Operational Efficiency

Streamlining hospital functions for cost-effectiveness and resource optimization

Medical Image Analysis

Rapid, accurate analysis of medical images for diagnostics.

High explainability power

Understanding the results of algorithms clearly and transparently

Visualization and Reporting

Gain actionable insights through intuitive data visualization

Real-time Monitoring

Detect and respond to churn at the moment

Speed up the journey from data collection to swift AI-driven decision-making

AI for hospital

Discover how papAI streamlines AI project deployment in the hospital sector by accelerating diagnostic accuracy, improving patient care, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing operational efficiency.

AI for pharma

Discover how papAI expedites AI project deployment in the pharmaceutical sector by accelerating drug discovery, streamlining clinical trials, optimizing supply chain management, and enhancing quality control.

How do we ensure our client's success?

"With papAI Solution, we have a tool for caregivers to improve patient safety by providing accurate and efficient assistance in managing their health."
Benoist Alexandre Chief Engineer in charge of Clinical Engineering Development

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