What is PapAI ?

PapAI transforms your raw data into strategic insights.

Everyday AI

PapAI makes your data readable and operational in real time so you can master AI with just a few clicks.

Human-centric AI

Human intervention in the choice of parameters and data taken into account to avoid bias.

Interpretable AI

Our AI platform explains predictions a business-friendly language.

Discover the Next Gen Enterprise AI Platform

Transform your Operations with Data Science

A collaborative and scalable AI platform for end-to-end management of your data projects.
Collect, cleanse, analyze and deploy your predictive models

Data Collection Protocols

Firstly import relational databases (postgreSQL, mySQL, Oracle, MicrosoftSQL), upload CVS and Excel files, and insert APIs from a custom Python script.

PapAI is an intuitive AI platform which interface quickly and easily integrate your data at any time during the prototyping of your predictive model.

Data cleaning

Data Cleaning

Secondly, the AI platform’s agile ETL will speed up massive data transfers to enhance your productivity outputs. The calculation engines are distributed without any configuration on your part.

For your own personalized use and visualization, you have a great latitude to customize your code design via Python.


Create your own analyses and choose from the different vizualization models offered (Statistics, Histograms of numerical and categorical data…). You can also view 2D, 3D and geographical plots. Compare several models for a better vizualisation and easily access the visualization models of your collaborators.

Our powerful algorithms recognize different types of models and detect missing values and duplicates.

Data visualization


In papAI, powerful Machine Learning engineering will enable you to swiftly and easily deploy your predictive models throughout your pipelines : Feature Selection, Element Coding & Scaling and Data Separation.

Pipeline designs within the AI platform enable you to compare performance and use in large algorithms : regression, clustering, time series.

Your models’ outputs would clearly access the accuracy in the selected model to render insightful input data relevance and results’ utility.

You wonder how to improve 
your Data Projects ?

Why choose papAI ?

State-of-the-art Time-Series Modules

Times-series modules are natively available at no extra cost in papAI.

Micro-services Platform

PapAI's highly flexible in terms of deployment and very scalable.


Natively papAI will encapsulate the ML pipelines in autonomous software bricks, therefore exportable and duplicable at will. Monitoring is also included in our AI platform.

Open Platform

PapAI AI platform is open in the integration of pre-existing projects (code versioning), in data management (option to not store any data in papAI environment, and to export everything to external databases), in the possibility to access, via APIs, to visualizations, data and models.

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