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Datategy is a company founded in 2016 that develops papAI studio, an artificial intelligence platform that enables companies to infuse Data Science into all of their departments and achieve their Artificial Intelligence ambitions while enabling business to understand AI decisions. 

"Datategy's vision is to enable the use of AI as a tool to drive business performance"

Datategy was born out of the observation that Data Science was becoming increasingly central to strategic decision-making, leaving the business community (non-data scientists) with a lack of understanding of how these decisions work, and therefore a lack of confidence in AI.

Datategy’s vision is based on this observation: to offer a tool that allows both the creation of high-performance AI and the ability for businesses to see what is under the hood of AI.

Although most large companies are investing massively in AI and Machine Learning, they are still struggling to correlate them effectively with business objectives and needs, but above all, to industrialize them.

This is the ambition of Datategy, with papAI studio, the platform that allows companies to infuse Data Science into all their departments and achieve their AI ambitions while allowing the business to understand AI decisions.

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papAI is a collaborative and scalable AI platform for end-to-end management of your data projects. Collect, cleanse, analyze and deploy your predictive models

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