Life at Datategy: Cédric THÉVENOT

Hello, I’m Cédric, Senior Account Executive at Datategy.

After completing my studies in International Business & Marketing at ISEG, I embarked on my professional journey by becoming a part of the GE Group, specifically within its automotive subsidiary. Within an industrial site that seamlessly integrated various support functions (including R&D, Production, Purchasing, and Logistics), I assumed the role of leading the Marketing department for an extensive period of nearly 12 years. During this time, my responsibilities encompassed the entire spectrum of the Mix, which entailed global strategy, pioneering innovation, operational implementation, and promotional execution at the point of sale. This role extended across geographical boundaries, spanning Europe and territories overseas such as the USA, NZ, and Japan.

 Subsequently, I made a deliberate transition into the arena of BtoB Key Account Business Development and entity structuring.

This transition took place across two pivotal business sectors: firstly, in the realm of the burgeoning “LaBoîteRose” family-oriented domain, where I devoted almost a decade. Following that, I have spent nearly 10 years navigating the landscape of Data and AI technology, primarily within the captivating realm of Start-Ups and Scale-Ups.

What's Your Role at Datategy?

I’m a Senior Account Executive, specializing in the Retail, Luxury, Industry, and Charity verticals. 

My role is to identify and promote business opportunities by ensuring the perfect transposition between the functionalities of our Collaborative Platform “papAI” and its correlation with business needs/problems. 

Detecting business opportunities, defining and qualifying them, and integrating them into the most favorable engagement scenario to accelerate our Time to Market.

What Does Your Typical Workday Look Like?

I’d say we’re organized on a weekly basis, with fortnightly and monthly milestones. 

Each week is structured around 3 recurring highlights: our Sales & Marketing Meeting, as well as our two Tech Enablement and Sales Enablement sessions, enabling us to create synergy and a collaborative dynamic. 

It’s vital for me to make sure that we prepare and organize each of these key moments well so that we can give structure and timing to our work while remaining focused on the Time to Market of our sales development. 

On a more day-to-day basis, I start by researching and analyzing the latest news specific to each of the verticals I address (microfocus), which I then weigh up against the major market trends (macro focus), as well as an inherent benchmark of the various French technology players. 

Finally, I always make sure that each day is well sequenced between reflection and action, in particular, to build personalized acquisition/engagement scenarios by finely targeting and categorizing the personas identified, using the full power of our digital tools stack (Salesforce, Hubspot, Lemlist, Lusha…).

Tell us a Little About the Datategy AI Solution

In a global context that is irremediably volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, the reliability of decision-making and the ability to adapt is crucial.

It is therefore essential to be able to guarantee the efficiency, adaptability, and durability of all Decision Support and Marketing Strategies.

At Datategy, our mission is to overcome the dichotomy linked to the interweaving – fragmentation – siloing of technologies, by (re) synchronizing the Data/IA-SI trio.

Our expertise lies in offering a Collaborative Platform, at the crossroads of Technologies, Data, and (XAI), thus (truly) democratizing the use of AI, which is (finally) becoming Accessible & Actionable by all company departments (Tech & Business).

Our goals: simply correlate “Explicability – Predictability AND Performance”.

Our Collaborative Platform “papAI” (Predict & Perform AI) enables us to : 

  • Generate a high level of Explicability – Interpretability – Predictability in the Data
  • Define and model coherent projections/trends/scenarios
  • Define and activate the best correlation levers between Patterns
  • Improve the reliability of decision-making Insights in order to optimize business management,
  • Build personalized, adaptive, and scalable Relationship Programmes
  • Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity(ies)!
What sets our platform apart? A fluid, agile ecosystem in which it’s (finally) easy to model/exploit/project your data sets! The ability to (re) synchronize & coordinate the cross-functional management of Data Science projects between Tech & Business teams!

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

The role of Account Executive requires a particularly pugnacious temperament, with the ability to continually arouse curiosity.

Discernment and the ability to size up your business are essential, as are genuine interpersonal skills. 

If I had to say what I like best? It would undoubtedly be the ability to determine (with all the rigor and relevance required) the business challenges inherent in each vertical sector, and to skilfully transpose the functionalities of our Platform into solutions, ending up by modeling the appropriate Uses Cases (before scaling up and industrialization, of course!).

In short, AI that’s genuinely useful, not trivial!

What's Your Next Challenge in Datategy ?

Contribute to developing our visibility (social networks, website, trade fairs, webinars), spreading our expertise more widely, and demonstrating our legitimacy; in a way, “letting people know about our know-how”!

You’ll also be helping to co-construct (with our Marketing & Communications Department) relevant and effective Lead Gen actions, and interacting on the definition of our various contents (website, landing pages).

Building strategic alliances as growth drivers and catalysts.

Last but not least, rigorously maintain our “collaborative spirit” on a daily basis!

Interested in discovering papAI?

Our commercial team is at your disposal for any questions

Life at Datategy: Cédric Thévenot
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