Life at Datategy: Hani Abdulwahab

Hello, I’m Hani, a Full-stack Web Developer at Datategy since 2018. 

I hold a master’s degree in Computer Science for Business Management from Nanterre University. During my second master’s year, I did a year-long internship at Datategy, focusing on Front-end and data Visualization Development. 

I completed a significant project called “Exploring Big Data Visualization Techniques and Tools in Smart Cities,” thanks to Datategy’s support in smart city solutions. I collaborated on two exciting projects—Octocity Transport and Octocity Parking—working seamlessly with exceptional teams to create transformative solutions. Today, my five-year journey reflects my unwavering dedication to driving innovation at Datategy.

What is your role at datategy?

During my time at Datategy, I initially started as a Front-end Developer. However, driven by a strong desire to expand my skills, I quickly became a Full-stack Developer, getting involved in front-end and back-end development. My main role has involved making significant contributions to building the Octocity Transport and Octocity Parking web applications. These applications process, analyze, and visualize data in real time. 

On the front-end side, I use Angular, PrimeNG, Leaflet Maps, OpenLayers Maps, PlotlyJs, and various other libraries to create user-friendly interfaces. On the other hand, on the back end, I focus on creating the underlying structure of the applications, including RESTful APIs and other services. I work with frameworks like Node.js and Nest.js. 

One of my strengths is coming up with and implementing solutions for processing, storing, and showing data in real time. I pay careful attention to planning, documentation, and precise debugging. I also work on improving the user experience and how things look and feel. 

Through ongoing learning and a spirit of collaboration, I’ve become someone who enjoys solving problems creatively and working with different teams, all with the goal of helping Datategy achieve its mission.

What does your typical workday look like?

A typical day for me starts with a cup of coffee and a quick check of my emails and the latest news. Our field is always changing, so there’s always something new to learn.

Next, I join my Octocity team for our daily meeting. We talk about challenges and make sure everyone is on track with our schedule.

A big part of my day is about making sure the features I work on are well-tested, don’t have any problems, and look good on different devices.

Sometimes, I take time to learn about new technology and read about updates to the tools we use. This helps me know when and how to use them effectively.

Other times, I talk with the project manager to understand what clients need. This helps me come up with ideas and create basic designs for new features.

Finally, I connect with tech leads from other projects to see how things are going and stay in the loop about their progress.

By the end of the day, I also help with managing projects by updating our to-do list and creating descriptions for upcoming tasks or issues.

What's your favorite part of your job?

Certainly, my favorite aspect of my job is the blend of creativity and problem-solving that it entails. Being able to take a concept and bring it to life through coding and design is incredibly satisfying. I also enjoy the collaborative nature of the work – whether it’s brainstorming ideas with the project manager or discussing solutions with fellow developers, there’s a strong sense of camaraderie that makes each day engaging. Moreover, the ever-evolving nature of technology keeps me excited, as there’s always something new to learn and apply. Overall, the dynamic mix of creativity, teamwork, and continuous learning is what I find most fulfilling in my role at Datategy.

What's your next challenge on Datategy?

Right now, my closest challenge at Datategy is working on a new and complex feature. This feature is about managing permissions on our projects, and I’ve been focusing on it for the past few weeks. I’m working hard to make sure it gets integrated successfully into our systems. Looking ahead, I have an exciting challenge coming up. I’ll be joining papAI team to work on papAI web application. This is a project that aims to bring something new and innovative. I’m excited to use my experience to contribute fresh ideas and improvements to this project. In both cases, I’m eager to take on these tasks, use what I’ve learned, and make a positive impact on Datategy’s projects.

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Life at Datategy: Hani Abdulwahab
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