Hi everyone, I’m Nitya Dholakia. I was born and raised in India,  I’m currently studying Business Management at ESSEC Business School on the entrepreneurship track. My interests include reading, swimming, and food!


Can you tell us about your role at the Datategy, and what kind of projects or initiatives you have been working on during your internship?

As the CEO’s Assistant at Datategy, my primary responsibility is to lead the execution of the 2024 fundraising campaign, with a specific goal of engaging European and American investors. This mission holds great value as it not only allows me to directly contribute to the company’s growth and expansion but also provides me with a unique opportunity to strengthen Datategy’s global presence.

How has the Datategy teams help you to develop your skills and competencies in the data industry, and what have you learned during your time in the program?

My experience at Datategy has been exceptionally rewarding. I’ve worked   closely   with   data   scientists,   gaining   a   deeper understanding of their roles and data analysis intricacies. Directly collaborating   with   the   CEO   has   provided   insights   into   running   a data science company effectively. Moreover,   the   collaborative   environment   at   Datategy   has improved my communication and teamwork skills, particularly in conveying data insights to non-technical stakeholders. These skills have significantly contributed to my professional growth.

What kind of mentorship and support have you received during your internship, and how has this helped you to navigate your first professional experience?

The Datategy team has been incredibly supportive, ensuring that I’m   not   just   a   passive   observer   but   an   active   contributor   to meaningful projects. My   direct   supervisor   Dounia and   colleagues   have   been approachable   and   readily   available   to   answer   my   questions, provide guidance, and offer constructive feedback.

How has the Datategy Early Careers Program fostered a sense of initiative and team spirit among its participants, and what values do you think are important for success in the data industry?

The freedom provided within the program has encouraged me to take   initiative,   while   also   nurturing   a   collaborative   environment. Asking   questions   and   learning   from   my   colleagues   has   been essential to my growth. I think that in the data industry, accuracy, ethics,   adaptability,   communication,   and   problem-solving   are essential values for success.

Can you share any challenges or obstacles that you have faced during your internship, and how you have overcome them with the support of Datategy teams?

During   my   Datategy   internship,   a   challenge   I   faced   was   the predominantly   French-speaking   team.   However,   they   all   speak English fluently and ensure I’m part of discussions by frequently switching   to   English   when   I’m   present.   Datategy’s   diverse   team from   various   countries   has   created   an   inclusive   and   enriching atmosphere,  emphasizing  the  global  and  inclusive  nature  of  the data industry.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at the Datategy, and how do you see this experience helping you to achieve your long- term career goals in the data industry?

One of the main goal   was to understand the overall working of the fast growing startup and be comfortable with uncertainty that the rapid growth phase brings. During   my   time   here   I   have   been   able   to   understand   the   data industry,   especially   in   finance,   and   improve   my   analytical   and financial   skills.   I   also   aim   to   build   a   professional   network   with experienced experts in the field.

What advice would you give to other young graduates or students who are interested in applying for the Datategy Early Careers Program, and how can they make the most of this opportunity to develop their skills and launch their careers in the data industry?

Don’t hesitate!  If you have a keen interest in the data industry. Datategy’s Early Careers Program is an exceptional opportunity for you. It opens the door to the dynamic realm of data science and AI/ML, providing the chance to work alongside seasoned experts on real projects. So what are you waiting for?  join us!

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