papAI 7 SaaS Mode -
Accessible, Adaptive, and Leading Scalable AI Solutions

Paris, 5 March 2024 – Datategy is announcing the launch of its new SaaS solution to complement its On-Premise offering, designed to facilitate AI access for all businesses, particularly SMEs and SMBs. papAI 7 in SaaS Mode can be tailored to the specific needs of each organization, enabling it to exploit its full potential in an accessible and secure environment.

papAI 7 SaaS - Accessible, Adaptive, and Leading Scalable AI Solutions

papAI 7 SaaS: Bespoke AI from Datategy

The AI market is constantly evolving, with growing demand for innovative solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. However, sometimes high costs and often complex and time-consuming administration of these solutions are currently holding back the adoption of AI, particularly by SMEs and SMIs. 

Against this backdrop, Datategy has developed papAI 7 in SaaS Mode, a turnkey AI offering dedicated to the specific needs of SMEs and SMBs. The solution offers a holistic approach (from data engineering to MLOps practices), providing an integrated and transparent experience for users.

In terms of data engineering, papAI 7 SaaS simplifies the management of data flows, from ingestion to transformation, making it easier to prepare data for AI models. The platform also incorporates advanced MLOps practices, guaranteeing efficient deployment and continuous monitoring of models, with proactive monitoring to ensure optimum performance.

Already being tested by several customers, including QARD, this new offering brings major benefits: 

  • A 100% sovereign solution that guarantees users total control over their data and AI models, as well as the security of sensitive information.  
  • A freemium model and pay-as-you-go billing, offering maximum flexibility to meet the needs of experimentation or small-scale projects that need to be industrialized.
  • Unlimited dataflow capacities to manage large data sets, guaranteeing the continuity and efficiency of your workflows.
  • Optimum sharing of resources between users, enabling workspaces to be isolated securely, on an individual or team basis.
  • A simple, intuitive interface, accessible to all users, whether AI experts or novices.
In order to respond in real-time to the specific needs of each company, papAI 7 SaaS will be enhanced in the coming months with new functionalities: strengthened integration with various data sources, improved predictive analysis capabilities, innovations in generative AI, increased customization options for resource management, etc.

Sovereign and Scalable AI at the Heart of Datategy's DNA

With papAI platform, Datategy has been determined from the outset to create a French champion of sovereign AI, based on three key pillars: technological sovereignty, ethics, and accessibility. The launch of papAI 7 SaaS marks an important step in the company’s strategy to accelerate the democratization of AI within businesses of all sizes.

To meet this major challenge, Datategy’s R&D teams are constantly innovating to make papAI the benchmark platform for sovereign AI. This ambition is reflected in four major commitments:

Offering an increasingly intuitive interface and advanced functionalities: papAI 7 in SaaS Mode is committed to constantly improving its user interface to make it even more intuitive and user-friendly. At the same time, the integration of advanced XAI (Explainable AI) functionalities and the extension of data type management, particularly for unstructured data, enhance the transparency and flexibility of AI models. This approach ensures better regulatory compliance, in alignment with standards such as the AI Act and the RGPD.

Guaranteeing sovereign deployment and multi-cloud integration: the platform is now moving towards multi-cloud support, including sovereign cloud solutions, in order to offer users maximum flexibility and compliance. This strategy is aimed at strengthening data sovereignty and adapting to the various technical environments of businesses.


Improving MLOps capabilities: Datategy is continuously improving its MLOps capabilities to ensure more effective management and continuous monitoring of AI model lifecycles. In addition, papAI 7 SaaS is open to third-party integrations, enabling greater collaboration and operational efficiency with other tools and platforms, including Edge deployments.


Continuous innovation: Datategy is committed to delivering new product and technology developments on a regular basis, such as intelligent AI-based automation, extended support for different scripting languages and AI frameworks, and the ability to adapt to a wide range of use cases. These enhancements are aimed at making AI more accessible and applicable across a range of sectors, developing advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, and boosting real-time data processing capabilities.

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mehdi chouiten ceo datategy

At Datategy, we firmly believe in the democratization of AI through secure, easy-to-use tools. With our papAI platform and this new offering designed for SMEs and SMBs, we want to help our customers exploit the full potential of AI in their business and redefine their productivity.


CEO- Datategy

papAI 7 SaaS: Accessible, Adaptive, and Leading Scalable AI Solutions
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