Life at Datategy: Marc BRESSON

Hello everyone, I am Marc Bresson.

I recently double graduated from IMT Nord Europe in engineering, and from Cranfield University with an MSc (master of science) in applied artificial intelligence. Datategy is my first job after my graduation, and I’m very grateful to be here today.

I love programming and browsing the web to find new ways of doing the same thing – My most prominent hobby is 3D design and 3D printing. 

I do have some of my most useful 3D prints on my desk at Datategy. I cannot skip my mid-afternoon snack, I guess you can say I’m a foodie. I enjoy design such as architecture, sculpture, product design, etc. 

 I like developing my own IoT solution from scratch, designing and creating my very own PCB (printed circuit board).

Life at Datategy: Marc BRESSON

What is your Role at Datategy?

As one of the main Python developers at Datategy, I play a pivotal role in ensuring that our code adheres to the highest coding standards and practices. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for efficiency, I strive to optimize our software solutions to deliver maximum performance and reliability to our clients.

 Additionally, as a dedicated data scientist, I am deeply involved in exploring the emerging field of explainable AI. In response to the growing demand for transparency and interpretability in AI systems, I am committed to developing innovative approaches that elucidate the decision-making processes of AI algorithms. By bridging the gap between complex machine learning models and human understanding, I aim to empower our clients with actionable insights and foster trust in AI-driven solutions.

What does your Typical Workday Look Like?

After having said hello to my colleagues, I jump on my laptop and write what I did the day before and my tasks for the day. We use Git as our primary CD (continuous development) tool, so I review all the pull requests related to the Python side of our app. Then I go on with my tasks. 

Around 12:20, groups form to go get food in one of the hundreds of restaurants in Les 4 temps, a huge mall in La Defense which is 5 minutes away from the office by foot. 

Around 1:40, I go back to developing the most exciting features for our PapAI product and brainstorming new ideas with my colleagues. 

My guilty pleasure is to always have a snack (let’s call it « le goûter ») around 5 pm. It is my last break before the end of the day around 6:30.

What's your Favorite Part of your Job?

I’m a firm believer in the remarkable liberty we enjoy within our roles. At Datategy, we are empowered to devise solutions to the challenges we encounter and are granted the time necessary to implement them effectively. 

This freedom cultivates a culture of innovation and problem-solving, where creativity flourishes and new ideas are embraced. Additionally, we have the opportunity to explore and experiment with new techniques aimed at enhancing our code base. 

This emphasis on continuous learning and improvement not only elevates our skills but also enriches the collective knowledge of our team. In essence, the autonomy we are afforded enables us to drive meaningful progress and innovation, ultimately contributing to the success and growth of our organization.

What's your Next Challenge at Datategy?

My next challenge is to equip our users with tools that facilitate their understanding of AI predictions. Concurrently, I am dedicated to continuously enhancing our existing codebase, as I firmly believe in the ethos of perpetual improvement.

By providing users with intuitive resources to decipher AI outputs and relentlessly refining our code, we strive to ensure both transparency and excellence in our solutions. 

This commitment to empowerment and refinement underscores our relentless pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Life at Datategy: Marc BRESSON
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