Hello, my name is Samar. I’m a student in computer engineering, specializing in IT architecture and Cloud computing, and I’m currently completing my end-of-studies internship at Datategy. 

My passion for DevOps stems from its blend of technology and operations, where I find joy in optimizing infrastructure and automating processes to enhance efficiency and reliability. 

I’m drawn to the dynamic nature of DevOps, where I constantly encounter new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Embracing this field allows me to contribute to the seamless integration of development and operations, ultimately supporting the success of our projects at Datategy.


What is your Role at Datategy?

As a DevOps Engineer Intern at Datategy, my role revolves around managing infrastructure, ensuring its availability, and optimizing deployment processes. I collaborate with team members to integrate external services, monitor system health, and enhance security measures. Additionally, I contribute to improving overall system quality and reliability.

In my day-to-day responsibilities, I leverage my expertise in cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to design and implement scalable and resilient architectures. I work closely with software development teams to streamline the deployment pipeline, automate repetitive tasks, and minimize downtime during updates and maintenance.

Moreover, I am deeply involved in implementing robust monitoring and alerting systems to proactively identify and address potential issues before they impact the system’s performance or availability.

What does your Typical Workday Look Like?

At Datategy, my typical workday as a DevOps Engineer Intern begins with greeting my colleagues and then checking my to-do list to prioritize tasks. I focus on completing the scheduled tasks, ensuring efficient progress throughout the day. During lunchtime at the canteen, I enjoy meals with my colleagues, often engaging in casual conversations and exchanging ideas about ongoing projects. 

After lunch, I return to finish up any remaining tasks, maintaining productivity until around 6 PM when I leave to go home. However, my day doesn’t always end there. As a passionate learner and aspiring professional in the field of DevOps, I often spend my evenings delving into additional readings, online courses, or personal projects to further expand my knowledge and skills.

On some occasions, I participate in team meetings or brainstorming sessions, where we discuss ongoing projects, address challenges, and plan for upcoming tasks.

What's your Favorite Part of your Job?

My favorite aspect of my role as a DevOps Engineer Intern is the opportunity to work at the intersection of technology and operations. I enjoy being able to tackle complex infrastructure challenges and find innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reliability. 

Whether it’s automating deployment processes, optimizing system performance, or enhancing security measures, I find satisfaction in problem-solving. Additionally, collaborating with diverse teams and learning from experienced professionals in the field is another aspect of my job that I value greatly. 

Overall, the dynamic nature of DevOps and the continuous learning opportunities make every day exciting and fulfilling.

How has the Datategy Early Careers Program fostered a sense of initiative and team spirit among its participants, and what values do you think are important for success in the data industry?

As a participant in the Datategy Early Careers Program, I’ve experienced firsthand how the program nurtures a strong sense of initiative and team spirit among its participants. 

Through collaborative projects and team-based activities, we’re encouraged to actively engage with our peers, share ideas, and work together towards common objectives. This fosters a culture of collaboration, where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and skills.

The program also provides ample opportunities for us to take initiative and lead initiatives within our teams. Whether it’s proposing innovative solutions to complex challenges or spearheading process improvements, we’re encouraged to take ownership of our work and drive positive change.

How has the Datategy supported diversity and inclusion among its participants, and what impact has this had on your experience in the program?

As a participant in the Datategy’s program, I’ve been impressed by the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. From the outset, Datategy has created a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel valued and respected.

The company actively promotes diversity in its hiring practices, ensuring that individuals from different ethnicities, genders, cultures, and backgrounds are represented within the organization.

It has enriched my learning experience by bringing together individuals with diverse perspectives and experiences. Through interactions with my peers, I’ve been exposed to a wide range of ideas and viewpoints that have challenged my own assumptions and broadened my understanding of the world.

What's Your Next Challenge at Datategy?

As an intern at Datategy, my next challenge involves gaining a deeper understanding of infrastructure management, specifically focusing on improving automation and scalability. Additionally, I aim to familiarize myself with security measures to help maintain a secure platform. 

This learning journey will not only enhance my skills but also contribute to the team’s efforts in achieving our goals.

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