By Industry

Whether it’s healthcare, transportation, manufacturing or energy and utilities,
AI helps your team get real results no matter the industry.

AI Applications by Industry

Datategy provides an artificial intelligence platform for all industries.
Our market experts will help you create a customized roadmap to help you build your data projects.

AI in Healthcare
& BioTech

Improve patient flow, increase the quality of care provided and improve the profitability of your operations.


AI in

From route prediction to optimized user services, improve data centralization and enhance decision making through AI.

AI in Manufacturing

Improve maintenance requirements, shorten design time, and reduce production breakdowns with AI that learns and improves over time.

AI in
Energy & Utilities

From predictive maintenance to churn forecasting, improve the collection and analysis of large amounts of data.

Financial services

AI in
Financial Services

From anomaly detection to churn prevention, optimize risk management and improve customer relations.

Discover the impact of AI
on your industry

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