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Hi everyone, my name is Oumaïma Bendramez. Born in France, grew up in Morocco, and studied in France since high school. I am very soon graduating from “Les Mines de Saint Etienne” as an Engineer specializing in Computer Science and Microelectronics and from Dauphine University with a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, Systems, and Data Science.

Can you tell us about your role at the Datategy, and what kind of projects or initiatives you have been working on during your internship?

Currently, I am an intern as a Data scientist in NLP (Natural Language Processing). I help the papAI team on NLP projects. We come up together with interesting NLP-related use cases and discuss them. Then I search and read about different model architectures to tackle that! Then I implement it.

How has the Datategy teams help you to develop your skills and competencies in the data industry, and what have you learned during your time in the program?

I have been here for a month and a half now and I have already learned a lot. I learned to present my work and ideas to the team. I also learned to tackle concepts that everyone is not familiar with. It is a very interesting exercise in my opinion. My technical skills also improved because I get to see the whole development process and the interactions between the back-end team and the front-end team. So, I developed as much of my technical skills as my communication skills.

What kind of mentorship and support have you received during What kind of mentorship and support have you received during your internship, and how has this helped you to navigate your first professional experience?

This internship is not my first one, but it is the first one where I work with a team with such a wide spectrum of competencies. My tutor Wassim is very helpful and helps me navigate through some new tools and methods.

How has the Datategy Early Careers Program fostered a sense of initiative and team spirit among its participants, and what values do you think are important for success in the data industry?

The “Datategy Early Careers Progam” is a launching pad within Datategy itself for young Graduates. I felt that a chance was given to me and that my skills were acknowledged even though I don’t have many years of professional experience behind me. In the data industry, I would say that the main qualities are adaptability and the ability to work in a team. First, adaptability is a major point because AI is an area that is constantly evolving, and we should always stay at the edge of new research publications. On the other hand, it is crucial to be able to work within a team hand in hand and complete projects together.

Can you share any challenges or obstacles that you have faced during your internship, and how you have overcome them with the support of Datategy teams?

The main challenge I faced was integrating my code into the PapAI code base because it is not an exercise I am used to doing. But with the support of my tutor and the rest of the team and after some time to accommodate the methods, I made it.

How has the Datategy supported diversity and inclusion among its participants, and what impact has this had on your experience in the program?

The Datategy team is very diverse whether it is the sales team or the tech team. It is very enriching to be in such a diverse environment. Especially, since I was in an international boarding school and through my studies, I always enjoyed the cultural richness that diversity brings. Therefore, I really enjoy the diversity of the Datategy team.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at the Datategy, and how do you see this experience helping you to achieve your long-term career goals in the data industry?

The topic of my internship is to integrate the NLP dimension into the PapAI platform. I do that by finding interesting use cases and discussing them, then searching the state-of-the-art methods to achieve that and finally integrating the whole pipeline to PapAI. It is a very interesting and useful method for the AI engineer in me.

What advice would you give to other young graduates or students who are interested in applying for the Datategy Early Careers Program, and how can they make the most of this opportunity to develop their skills and launch their careers in the data industry?

For young graduates that would want to have a career in data, “Apply to Datategy !”. For the few months I have been here, I learned a lot. I improved both my soft skills and hard skills. I met very interesting people coming from different parts of the globe who are passionate about AI.

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