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Hello everyone, I’m Jean-Baptiste PLAINFOSSÉ. I was born in France and raised in Clamart, a charming suburb of Paris. I’m currently studying Business Management at EDHEC Business School (PGE) after completing two years in preparatory classes. My interests include music (I have played drums for 12 years), Scouting (I go camping every year), and mountain hiking.

Can you tell us about your role at the Datategy, and what kind of projects or initiatives you have been working on during your internship?

I’d be happy to share more about my role at Datategy and the exciting projects I’ve been involved in during my internship. As the CEO’s Assistant, my primary focus centers around playing a pivotal role in orchestrating Datategy’s ambitious 2024 fundraising campaign, specifically aimed at engaging European investors. This role has truly been a dynamic and rewarding experience, allowing me to contribute directly to the company’s growth and expansion strategies.

How has the Datategy teams help you to develop your skills and competencies in the data industry, and what have you learned during your time in the program?

My experience at Datategy has been incredibly enriching. Assisting our CEO, Mehdi has provided invaluable insights into the business world. Moreover, I’ve honed my autonomy and time management skills, while also gaining a heightened appreciation for the significance of data across various industries. The collaborative and supportive environment fostered by the Datategy teams has played a pivotal role in my skill development. Working alongside experts in data analytics, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how data-driven decision-making can transform businesses.

What kind of mentorship and support have you received during your internship, and how has this helped you to navigate your first professional experience?

Mehdi has been an excellent mentor, offering consistent guidance and support. His assistance has helped me remain focused and effective in my role. Our weekly progress meetings have been instrumental in my growth, as his advice and feedback have been instrumental.

How has the Datategy Early Careers Program fostered a sense of initiative and team spirit among its participants, and what values do you think are important for success in the data industry?

The autonomy granted within the program has encouraged me to take initiative, while also fostering a collaborative environment. Asking questions and learning from my colleagues has been integral to my development. In the data industry, values like initiative, creativity, and problem-solving are paramount.

Can you share any challenges or obstacles that you have faced during your internship, and how you have overcome them with the support of Datategy teams?

Upon joining, I encountered the challenge of writing a formal administrative document, which I had little experience with. Thankfully, the support of my colleagues and mentor proved invaluable, helping me navigate and complete the task. The teamwork and camaraderie at Datategy have been truly inspiring.

How has the Datategy supported diversity and inclusion among its participants, and what impact has this had on your experience in the program?

Datategy is an incredibly diverse startup, offering a cosmopolitan environment. Being surrounded by such diversity has expanded my perspective and enriched my experience. I’ve formed a great partnership with my closest coworker, who hails from India.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at the Datategy, and how do you see this experience helping you to achieve your long-term career goals in the data industry?

Primarily, I aim for the successful completion of the 2024 fundraising campaign. Additionally, I aspire to deepen my expertise in data science, enhance my technical skills, and gain practical insights into real-world applications of data-driven technologies.

What advice would you give to other young graduates or students who are interested in applying for the Datategy Early Careers Program, and how can they make the most of this opportunity to develop their skills and launch their careers in the data industry?

My advice is simple: apply! For young graduates or students with a passion for AI, embrace the chance to join Datategy. This program offers a unique gateway into the dynamic world of data science and AI/ML, allowing you to collaborate with experienced professionals on tangible projects. Personally, I’ve grown significantly and had the privilege of connecting with enlightening and diverse individuals.

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