Datategy and Synox announce a strategic partnership

Datategy and Synox announce a strategic partnership

Paris – October 18,2022 — Datategy is pleased to announce its new partnership with Synox. Choosing Synox to solve our customers’ IoT problems was a natural choice through its ability to natively integrate multi-connectivity and multi-sensor to facilitate the implementation, deployment, and industrialization of any IoT project, end-to-end.

Datategy, papAI editor

Datategy, an artificial intelligence software company, is developing papAI platfrom, a platform that enables the leverage of data through artificial intelligence in an ethical and explainable way. This tool is designed to solve problems that clients may encounter during the production phase of their projects. Datategy’s vision is to enable the use of artificial intelligence as a business performance tool.

An efficient platform

papAI’s modular architecture allows the platform to scale by ensuring optimal resource management of the hosting infrastructure, whether it is in the cloud or on-premises. Internal persistence mechanisms and persistence to DataBases, DataWarehouses or DataLakes, allow users to better manage the space consumed by their data. These features avoid unnecessary data replication while guaranteeing computational performance in line with AI needs.

A strategic partnership

Datategy, through its role as a partner, allows Synox to provide an additional software brick to deepen the analysis of the data and to be able to produce a predictive model. End customers will have a complete solution provided by two experts, allowing them to process data from capture to prediction. 

Datategy and Synox have agreed to provide each other with a gateway to certain markets:

  • For Datategy, towards people who do not perceive the added value of Data Science and Intelligence at first glance.
  • For Synox, to larger accounts or to markets that are difficult to access.


" Beyond the highly relevant analysis of IoT on production lines, Datategy adds a layer of predictivity that provides visibility into all maintenance and production line downtime issues "

Jean-marc BRIQUET
Global Sales Director & Partner

Synox IoT Expert

Synox is an integrator and publisher of IoT solutions. It supports companies and communities wishing to implement, easily and safely, their IoT projects regardless of the objects and technology used. Its mission? To enable companies and communities to transform their activities by taking advantage of the potential of new IoT technologies in a sustainable development logic.

Synox offers a universal, complete and interoperable software suite :

  • SoM2M : Device & Connectivity Management

Allows managers to activate, supervise and provision any type of connected objects, in a few clicks and in complete autonomy. Regardless of the connectivity, the data collected is automatically redirected to SoDATA#Viz or the data management platform of your choice.

  • SoDATA: Data Management 

Allows business departments to analyze and manage the activity of their connected equipment, in complete autonomy. Thanks to advanced features, you can easily build your dashboards and alert scenarios in a few clicks.

  • SoSECURE: Security & Network Management 

Allows you to create your own security rules and access your connected objects easily, from a centralized interface. You strengthen the security and confidentiality of our data flows by setting up a private architecture with VPN tunnel to make your objects communicate with each other and with your information system (IS) without going through the Internet.

  • SoFLEET: Fleet management the complete and ready-to-use telematics solution for all types of vehicles

Covers the entire value chain of intelligent fleet management for all types of thermal, electric and hybrid vehicles (cars, light trucks, passenger cars, trucks) by providing its customers with a customizable on-board telematics solution.

Discover more details here :


" Synox is looking for partners with the same 100% user-centric solution philosophy. Datategy's papAI solution provides an explainable artificial intelligence solution with a nocode/lowcode graphical user interface so that our joint users feel in control of their solutions from the sensor to the exploitation of its data intelligence "

CTO Synox
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