Datategy's papAI allows us to analyze data from more than ten heterogeneous databases. Every day, a score from 0 to 100 is assigned to each company based on the analysis of fifteen or so ratios


Head of data services at Infogreffe

Industry: Financial 

Use case : Prediction- Machine learning-Big Data

Region: France


Infogreffe is the economic interest grouping (EIG) of the French commercial court registries. It is a platform of online services designed to support companies and facilitate key moments in their development. 

In order to improve the process of predicting financial difficulties for companies, Infogreffe decided to deploy an Artificial Intelligence solution based on a Machine Learning approach and chose Datategy. 

Here is a look at the project with Olivier Ishacian, Head of Data Services at Infogreffe.



A real time overview of companies financial health.

The number of detected business failuresis 95%.

141 commercial courts

Receiving daily reports.

0 %
Of companies in insolvency received a score from the algorithm
0 %
Of companies in collective proceedings had a negative or neutral strength assessment
0 %
The performance of the algorithm for 2020
0 %
of True Positive Rate

Business failure forecasting: a need for real time

One of the missions of Infogreffe is to study companies’ balance sheets in order to assess their level of risk exposure. To do this, the organization studies some fifteen KPIs based on the balance sheets. This makes it possible to make a one-year forecast. However, Infogreffe has decided to go further and to do this work on a daily basis. It is in this context that the use of Artificial Intelligence was considered. 

“The data department, which I manage, aims to offer new services to companies. With a view to improving the prediction of company failures, we want to be more precise and provide the courts with reliable and recent information. Today, we calculate ratios thanks to the annual balance sheet, which allows us to score the company and to define its financial risk. If the company has a score of less than 30, its file is sent directly to the commercial court, which contacts it to help it resolving its problems. Detecting these failures before the annual balance sheet allows us to turn things around faster and before it’s too late”.

Artificial intelligence to analyze data in real time

In 2017, Olivier Ishacian decided to look for a partner who could deploy an AI solution. He turned to Mehdi Chouiten, the founder of Datategy, and chose the papAI solution.

“both sector- specific and topical (e.g. Covid). The data is updated in real time. This allows the courts to be proactive and to be able to propose the right solutions to companies as soon as possible”.

Benefits beyond real-time analysis

“Artificial intelligence allows us to be as close as possible to what is really happening in companies, according to market developments, disruptive elements, opportunities… Beyond AI, the papAI platform is ergonomic and allows us to consider a multitude of projects as we are not technically limited. So we try new models and new ideas. 

The Interpretability of results measures the real impact of a KPI. This allows us to test and improve our scoring process. In addition, we go further with prediction models. For example, if 100 companies with the same characteristics are in trouble, it means that others may be as well, the system allows us to highlight this.

 Finally, we can generate reports on a daily basis. These reports show the results and the KPIs that influence a company’s rating. So it’s easy to understand why a rating is poor, for example. And these reports are used by the 141 courts”.

Datategy, a true partner

Infogreffe’s teams decided to train a dedicated person to use the platform, while receiving support from Datategy experts. 

“We’ve been working with Mehdi since 2017, deploying the solution together and participate to its evolution. So it’s more of a partnership than a simple customer- vendor relationship. On our side, we bring a business vision that Datategy translates technologically. 

We are also well supported in keeping up with the product’s evolution, but also, and more importantly, in data science thanks to Datategy’s expertise”.


  • Realize daily reports
  • Improve scoring of companies
  • Better serve commercial courts

Key figures

  • Save time in the consolidation of KPIs
  • Anticipation and reliability of financial failures
  • Better and personalized support of companies
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