The digital activity report for RATP bus inspectors developed by Datategy is very intuitive. It allows us to have flexibility in managing our teams and gives great autonomy and responsibility to the 150 team leaders in the field. For the managers, it allows us to save administrative time on the processing and steering of our objectives.

Benoit HEITZ

Anti-Fraud Expert - RATP

Industry: Mobility

Use case: Digitalisation of the controller’s journey through an AI platform 

Region: France


With operations in 16 countries on five continents, the RATP group is the world’s 3rd largest urban transport operator. Every day, 69,000 employees (source: 2020 financial and CSR report) work to develop, operate, maintain, and modernize innovative public transport systems and thus meet people’s mobility needs. Daily, the company operates 8 modes of transport (metro, tram, urban and interurban buses, regional trains, sightseeing, maritime shuttle, transport on demand, and cable) and is also present in the new mobility chain, within the framework of partnerships (autonomous shuttle, self-service electric scooter, carpooling, carsharing, intelligent and connected car parks). 


Real-time data feedback

Increased efficiency in  decision-making


100+ controllers receive daily reports

+ 0 %
increase in the number of monthly fines
+ 0 %
of average monthly revenues
+ 0 %
more immediate settlements favoured
+ 0 %
monthly collection rate

More than 10 million people use RATP transport every day. This mobility is orchestrated by thousands of employees: drivers, engineers, technicians, etc. The control officers who make this mobility possible are present on the transport networks every day in order to accompany its customers and fight against fraud. In the digital age, this is a job that requires an increase in the skills of the tools, in order to optimize and facilitate the missions and tasks of the control agents. This is what is at stake in the partnership with Datategy, a company specializing in data analysis and formatting.

Fraud in the transport sector

According to the Mobility Observatory, fraud in public transport concerns up to 25% of users depending on the network used. The fight against fraud is difficult to manage, and the tools available today are still very manual and incomplete, and in some situations, they may not provide the most appropriate solutions: poor analysis of complicated zones and timetables, poor distribution of teams on the ground, etc.

In spite of the efforts of the agents and their relentless commitment, it is still difficult to report on the reality and difficulties of everyday life: insecurity, aggressiveness of certain fraudsters, but also a growing need for help and support from customers.

The challenges for RATP controllers

This need to digitize the agents’ work is exacerbated by a lack of direct feedback, a long and tedious reporting process for the controllers, and data transmitted that is, in the end, little used.

A true digital transition would lead to better monitoring of information on the ground, improve procedures for combating fraud and strengthen the teams in areas of tension. The benefits of these changes would also be better security in transport and more assistance to customers.

Datategy supports RATP in this process

RATP has chosen to invest in a high-performance digital tool with Datategy, by co-constructing a digital roadmap (FAD) with the indispensable expertise of the agents on the ground. This digitization of the controllers’ journey enables data to be collected in an optimal way: number of passenger controls, vehicles, time spent in the field, in real-time, in order to propose a better organization in the field within a short time. The benefits for the agents will be greater serenity in their missions, better fluidity within the teams, increased efficiency in decision-making, and improved working conditions.


  • Realize daily reports
  • Optimization of data collection
  • Implementation of AI-based tools

Key figures

  • Save time in the consolidation of KPIs
  • Anticipation of fraud 
  • Improved and personalized support for the controller
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