Energy & Utilities

Optimize operational efficiency
and improve customer service

Energy & Utilities
predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance of energy and water systems

Detect anomalies preventively, anticipate breakdowns, reduce unscheduled downtime and improve production quality.

Forecasting of water and energy consumption

Predict energy consumption in real time. Have an energy coaching set up thanks to predictive models. Detect and predict sudden changes in energy consumption. Alert system to report abnormal consumption.

Predict churn

Detect individuals who intend to leave the organization in order to improve decision making and implement retention actions

Using scoring to improve customer relations

Using a predictive algorithm that scores customers based on their reactions to different solicitations and interactions, operators can focus their efforts on those most likely to accept a new offer.

AI in Energy & Utilities

Today, energy needs are growing and monitoring operational risks is becoming increasingly important. At a time when there is an urgent need to optimize energy consumption, expand exploration and hasten the energy transition, AI is emerging as one of the ways to achieve these goals. AI helps you gather and analyze large amounts of data to manage renewable and fossil fuels.


From predictive maintenance to churn prediction

Optimize the maintenance of your equipment and infrastructure

Plan the rounds of your agents for real-time monitoring and maintenance of assets

Provide better visibility on your customers' energy expenditures

Reduce churn

Improve customer knowledge and refine segmentation

How papAI platform
contribute to your energy efficiency?

papAI studio allows to collect heterogeneous data in a massive way and in real time, to analyze its data in order to make it reliable and intelligent. 

Discover papAI’s key features for use cases in the energy and utilities sector:

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New challenges for CDOs

Consumer Behavior Predicting

Anticipate market trends that will change consumer behavior. In the energy industry, Use Machine Learning to provide better visibility into your customers’ energy spending to encourage energy savings.

Discover the impact of AI
in the energy and utilities sector

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