Financial Services

Optimize risk management and Improve customer relations

Financial services

Fight against financial risks

Anti-money laundering, Know Your Customer (KYC) and risk monitoring.

Ensure Compliance and Regulation

Analyze and measure the impact of new regulations on your legal documents. Detection of human error on documents.

Reduce customer attrition

Analyze customer behavior for early warning signs, such as reduced transactions or stopping automatic payments, to prevent churn.

From anomaly detection to churn prediction

Improved lending and credit decisions

Automation of the investment process

Reduce financial losses and protect customers from financial damage.

Provide better visibility on expenses to your customers

Improve customer knowledge to offer better personalization

Offer optimized services

How papAI platform contribute to Financial Services ?

Predicting events through a sequence of time

Real-time decisions

Analyze real-time activity in a given market or environment to generate accurate predictions and detailed forecasts to assist in decision making

Advanced data analysis

Accomplish repetitive tasks with complex automation to improve productivity (Automation of risk calculations).

Fraud and Anomaly detection

Identify financial risk factors for both crime and fraud, as well as business failures. Improve financial security with anomaly detection in real time.

Our Customer Story
in the Financial Service

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Scoring of the financial health of companies

To improve the process of predicting financial difficulties for companies, Infogreffe decided to deploy an Artificial Intelligence solution based on a Machine Learning approach and chose Datategy. 

Discover the impact of AI
in the Financial Services

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