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papAI studio, the AI platform to deploying enterprise AI at scale

Model, analyze and visualize the entire AI processing chain, from raw data collection to the deployment of predictive models.

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SNCF Voyageurs: Detection of asbestos in freight cars

“Today, when the solution tells us that there is no asbestos on one of our cars, we can trust it 100%! It has never been wrong. And when it does report the presence of asbestos, the error rate is less than 1%. papAI provides real comfort on a daily basis, saving time, guaranteeing safety and increasing productivity for our teams.”

Patrick Munsch | Head of Maintenance & Engineering Wagons at SNCF Voyageurs

Sncf Maintenance

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Facilité de prise en main

Easy to use

An easy to use platform offering a No-Code and Low Code approach for data scientists and business experts

Transparence sur les résultats

Speed of results

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, optimized calculation power and smart data management, our “green by design” approach aims to reduce carbon footprint while obtaining faster results (10x)

Rapidité des résultats

Transparency of the results

The interpretability of the platform allows transparency and high explainability of the results to give clear guidelines for all, avoiding “black box” issue and fastening AI adoption by everyone in the organization.

Données sécurisées

Secure data

The platform guarantees a protection of your data thanks to a solid architecture, data privacy native features (anonymization) and on-premise implementation

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