By Use Case

Whether it’s identifying anomalies, predicting consumption behavior,
monitoring and preventing fraud, or optimizing routes,
AI brings concrete results to your data projects, whatever the use case you have.

An enterprise AI solution
adapted to each use case

Datategy provides an AI platform for every use case.
Our market experts will help you create a customized roadmap to help you build your data projects.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Dectection

Anomaly detection is the process of identifying data that do not conform to a normal pattern. Anomaly detection can be used for many reasons, for example in the detection of fraudulent transactions, in the detection of unusual behavior, etc.

Consumer Behavior Predicting

Predicting consumer behavior can reduce customer churn, identify and target the high-value customers, encourage retention, satisfy customer demand, deliver products to market quickly, etc.

Fraud Monitoring & Prevention

Fraud Monitoring and Prevention allows to recognize fraudulent transactions or payments, subscription and fraudulent claims, etc.

Route Optimization

Route optimization contributes to improving delivery times, control agent routes, guiding routes to parking spaces, routes to improve traffic flow, etc.

Discover the impact of AI
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