Fraud Monitoring
and Prevention

Fraud Monitoring and Prevention allows to recognize potential fraud cases and identify the new fraud methods.

Fraud Monitoring and Prevention

Financial Fraud Prevention & Detection

Detection of fraudulent transactions or payments

Fraud Detection in Healthcare

Detection of patient or provider misrepresentation

Insurance Fraud

Detection of subscription and fraudulent claims

Fight against Money Laundering

Detect the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing

Why do we need Fraud Monitoring and Prevention ?

Fraud detection and prevention using artificial intelligence allows organizations to continuously monitor transactions and crimes in real time, and anticipate conventional fraud tactics.

How does Datategy's solution improve fraud monitoring and prevention ?

Our goal is to improve risk management (external, internal and managerial fraud), in order to stop fraudulent attacks, limit losses and optimize the ROI of organizations. Our algorithms allow us to identify these anomalies, whether they are punctual, contextual or collective.

With the help of Datategy, our client now has access to a real-time AI platform that enables: 

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