AI platform papAI: the choice of performance and responsibility

AI solutions are multiplying on the market. It is difficult to make a choice if criteria have not been defined beforehand. Among them, there is obviously performance, which can be measured in several ways: results, obviously, but also functionalities, the durability of the solution, the number of bugs or errors… But it is also measured in terms of the solution’s ability to evolve, innovate and reinvent itself. Another important criterion is the responsibility of the platform regarding sustainability, but also regarding results (and their biases). These two points – scalability and accountability – make the difference. At Datategy, these two aspects are part of our DNA.

Blog - IA platform papAI: the choice of performance and responsibility

papAI: data expertise for companies

The papAI platform was born out of the realization that there were no (or few) collaborative AI solutions that could cover the entire AI process: from data collection to result interpretation. Two Doctors in AI, Mehdi Chouiten and Eric Chau, therefore founded Datategy to develop the solution they would have liked to use. papAI was born.


papAI is therefore designed by data experts who know and surveyed the market but also work and discuss every day with business experts and thus have a deep comprehension of problems on the field. Datategy has a large network of data scientists to monitor trends and reinforce the solution. This network enables us to identify the subjects that make sense and will still do in the future. The numerous members of the R&D team each bring their own added value to a particular sector or technology, covering a wide range of use cases. Datategy thus provides its clients with true data experts.

papAI platform: a sustainable solution

The second point not to be neglected in the choice of your AI platform: accountability. Both in the relevance of the results (making sure that the results of the AI models are not biased, seeing which data influenced the result, easily consulting the results and interpreting them). This is a real benefit for the data teams, but also for the business units who can exploit the results and take the appropriate decisions. 

But above all, our papAI platform is Green by design. We have developed it with the aim of limiting its carbon footprint as much as possible. How do we operate? By integrating the calculations natively into the solution, without the need to administer them on a parallel cluster, which means that fewer resources are consumed. Other solutions offer this option, but you have to add the cost of deploying the cluster. Since papAI is more recent, we have more innovative technologies and trends, which means we can include a more powerful functional base. 

Finally, papAI does not store data directly in the solution to run its models. There is no duplication of data, so there is less need for storage space and less pollution generated by the servers. The platform also cleans up the algorithms produced to prevent the inflation of irrelevant data… All this with the aim of being more responsible. 

The performance, transparency and accountability of an AI solution are just as important as its features. The environmental concern, the scalability of the solution, the support from the editor are determining factors in the success of AI projects.

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AI platform papAI: the choice of performance and responsibility
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