Top 10 AI maturity by industry

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in improving customer experience and innovative solutions in different industries, some of which have a head start depending on their business areas and intrinsic maturity, Personalized shopping experiences, virtual assistants, product recommendations, chatbots and voice search are among the most used uses of AI

Top 10 AI maturity industry

What is AI maturity

AI maturity measures the degree to which organizations have mastered AI-related capabilities in the right combination to achieve high performance for customers, shareholders and employees.

When it comes to making the most of AI’s full potential, most organizations in all industries are barely scratching the surface. According to research from Accenture, only 12% of all organizations have an AI maturity level high enough to achieve superior growth and business transformation (‘AI Achievers’). Another 25% of firms are somewhat advanced (‘Innovators’ or ‘Builders’), while the remaining 63% are still mostly testing the waters (‘AI Experimenters’)

The Ranking

Aerospace and defense22%11%54%13%
Life sciences12%17%51%20%
Natural resources24%19%51%6%
Communication and media8%17%66%9%

Source: Accenture Research Note: *2024 = estimated scores. Industries’ AI maturity scores represent the arithmetic average of their respective Foundational and Differentiation index.

levels of AI maturity by industry , 2021 and 2024

levels of AI maturity by industry , 2021 and 2024

Why AI Maturity 

Matters ?

Accenture found that nearly 75% of companies have integrated AI into their business strategies and reworked their cloud plans to achieve AI success. For financial services, however, many of these initiatives are still in the formative stages. However, across all industries, nearly a third (30%) of AI pilot initiatives are improving back-office processes, accelerating R&D timelines for new products, and enhancing customer experiences. 

“Of the most mature AI organizations, 42% said that the return on their AI initiatives exceeded their expectations, while only 1% said the return didn’t meet expectations,” according to Accenture. In addition, “the share of companies’ revenue that is ‘AI-influenced’ more than doubled between 2018 and 2021 and is expected to roughly triple between 2018 and 2024.”



AI adoption rapidly matured during the pandemic, yet to create more value with AI and use it to reinvent the enterprise, companies require a clear leadership vision combined with effective change management and human capital reinvention


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Top 10 AI maturity by industry
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