Life at Datategy : Dounia Lagumairi

Hey , I am Dounia Lagumairi, Chief Financial Officer at DATATEGY.

After obtaining my Master’s degree in Financial Markets & Corporate Finance, and my dual Master’s degree in Financial Engineering and Innovation in Finance, I decided to join the company DATATEGY, which is my first full time experience in the field of Finance. I’ve been working in finance in the AI and tech field for over 3 years now, and I’m still learning and seeing how quickly a start-up can become a unicorn and achieve higher revenue through innovation so that it can be managed privately (VC, BA, IP,..) or publicly via an IPO.

What's your role at Datategy ?

My role as a chief financial officer is to oversee all the financial and administrative operations of the company, including accounting, financial reporting, tax, business control, costs structuring, treasury and due diligence by developing and monitoring the overall budget forecast based on financial and operational data and reports provided by the finance and accounting team. My mission is to ensure monthly follow-up of the financial statements (cash flow, P&L, dashboards) and to make scenarios for the cash runway, and also to lead the payroll team. In addition, I am in charge of managing the board and investor relations by providing financial reporting & analysis and ensuring the administrative and financial follow-up of the branch established in the UAE-Dubai since 2020.

What does your typical workday look like ?

My day starts by consulting financial informations (bloomberg, financial times, reuters, investing,.) ,e.g I currently check the eur/usd parity to better manage our future cash flows and limit the exchange rate risk, I check my mailbox and calendar, then I prioritize the most important and urgent task to be done first. Having some snacks, or chocolate on my desktop is always a good idea after finishing my meetings. I may have meetings to manage financial projects (call for projects, grants, tenders..) or meetings to settle some outstanding issues or to clarify some accounting transactions. Then, I have to review KPI’s and check with the technical team to manage invoicing projects.

Tell us a little about the Datategy Ai solution

papAI platform allows all types of users to quickly industrialize their AI projects to answer any use case (data scientist, chief data officer, business analyst..).papAI provides end-to-end platform of data science projects, from data collection to the deployment of predictive models. Compared to the existing solutions, papAI is a ‘cloud-agnostic’ flexible platform using many different sources dedicated to the chief data officer or a data scientist, analyst in multiple industries. Thus, it offers many opportunities to its users such as : 

  • Simple use of the platform through a No-Code and Low Code approach for both data scientists and business experts 
  • Real-Time data ingestion and predictions (which makes it fit to industries like transportation, healthcare, security…) 
  • Native Deep Learning support allowing off the shelf models 
  • Ability to build adversarial models 
  •  Explainable, compliant and auditable AI

What's your favorite part of your job ?

Providing reports and financial data to represent the financial situation of the company over a certain period of time in order to pilot future transactions is a very important point to properly monitor the company’s profitability, especially in a pre-raising phase. Working with the finance and sales team to closely monitor the development of revenue scenarios to make predictions that are as meaningful as the macro-economy and the environment in which the company is evolving. In the end, I enjoy working with the technical team as well in some projects and enjoy learning from them the latest news of AI and its impact in strategic decision making.

What's your next challenge on Datategy ?

To participate in the company’s global vision to become the leading European provider of  Enterprise AI platforms, and ensure the company’s financial performance by adopting new automation technologies for finance, and increase its long-term valuation.

Interested in discovering papAI ?

Our commercial team is at your disposal for any question.

Life at Datategy : Dounia Lagumairi
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