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Hi ! I’m William HORTONE, currently in China where I’m studying Software engineering. I’m in love with technology tools and very attracted by front-end development.

Can you tell us about your role at the Datategy, and what kind of projects or initiatives you have been working on during your internship?

During my internship at Datategy, I’m working as a front-end developer and most of my projects are based on deep-learning in the front-end section.

How has the Datategy teams help you to develop your skills and competencies in the data industry, and what have you learned during your time in the program?

During my time in the Datategy Early Careers Program, I’m learning a great deal about the data industry, including the importance of data quality and the role of data in business decision-making. I’m also developing my technical skills such as programming, testing, Angular framework, code best practices, and project management skills in the way that data projects require planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources, and I’m gaining a deeper understanding of how these skills can be applied in the real world. The Datategy team is playing an important role in helping me to develop my skills and competencies in the data industry, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from such talented professionals.

What kind of mentorship and support have you received during your internship, and how has this helped you to navigate your first professional experience?

During my internship, my mentor is helping me to grow step by step. He is always giving me motivation, and technical support, and teaching me best practices. Moreover, I had the opportunity to collaborate with more experienced developers. This collaboration likely provides me with additional opportunities to learn new skills, as well as gain exposure to different approaches and perspectives on front-end development. 

The mentorship and support that I’m receiving during my internship are likely playing a critical role in helping me to navigate my first professional experience. By providing me with guidance, feedback, and resources, my mentor and colleagues are helping me to build my confidence and develop my skills as a front-end developer. This experience will likely be invaluable as I move forward in my career.

How has the Datategy Early Careers Program fostered a sense of initiative and team spirit among its participants, and what values do you think are important for success in the data industry?

I believe that the Datategy Early Careers Program is playing an important role in fostering a sense of initiative and team spirit among its participants in a number of ways. 

Firstly, the program offers opportunities for participants to work on real-world projects, collaborate with other team members, and receive constructive feedback on their work. This helps to build confidence and encourages participants to take ownership of their work and contribute to the team’s success. 

Secondly, the program places a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. Participants are encouraged to work closely with their peers, as well as with more experienced team members, to share knowledge and skills and build a strong sense of camaraderie.

In terms of values that are important for success in the data industry, I believe that integrity, curiosity, and adaptability are key. In a rapidly changing industry like data, we must be able to adapt quickly to new challenges and technologies and be willing to experiment and take risks to drive innovation and growth.

Can you share any challenges or obstacles that you have faced during your internship, and how you have overcome them with the support of Datategy teams?

As a front-end developer intern at Datategy, I’m facing various challenges and obstacles such as learning a new framework. I’m new to the Angular framework, and learning a new technology can be challenging. However, with the support of the Datategy team, I have overcome this obstacle by receiving guidance from experienced developers and working on small projects to gain hands-on experience. While working on front-end development projects, I’m having bugs and errors in my code. Debugging and resolving these issues can be time-consuming and frustrating. But I’m receiving guidance on how to troubleshoot issues and use tools to identify and fix them.

How has the Datategy supported diversity and inclusion among its participants, and what impact has this had on your experience in the program?

Datategy is currently seeking out a diverse range of candidates for the program, which is resulting in a cohort of participants with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This is creating a supportive and collaborative environment in which everyone’s contributions is being valued and respected. Additionally, Datategy is providing opportunities for participants to connect with and learn from other professionals in the data industry who come from diverse backgrounds. 

Overall, the commitment to diversity and inclusion at Datategy is making my experience in the Early Careers Program more enriching and rewarding. I’m currently having the opportunity to learn from a diverse group and I’m feeling supported and valued throughout my time in the program.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at the Datategy, and how do you see this experience helping you to achieve your long-term career goals in the data industry?

During my time at Datategy, my main goal is to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the data industry as a front-end developer. I hope to learn more about data visualization, user experience design, and other important aspects of creating effective and user-friendly data-driven applications. I’m also hoping to contribute to the success of the company by developing high-quality, responsive, and intuitive user interfaces for data-driven web applications. 

In the long term, I’m seeing this experience at Datategy helping me to achieve my career goal of becoming a skilled data professional capable of working across different areas of the data industry. As a front-end developer, I’m gaining a deep understanding of how data can be effectively presented and communicated to end-users, which is a critical skill in any data-related role. Additionally, I’m developing valuable problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, which are essential for success in any data-driven career.

What advice would you give to other young graduates or students who are interested in applying for the Datategy Early Careers Program, and how can they make the most of this opportunity to develop their skills and launch their careers in the data industry?

Advises that I can give to young graduates or students who are interested in applying for the Datategy Early Careers Program are:

Before applying, take the time to learn as much as you can about Datategy and the Early Careers Program. This will help you understand the company culture, the types of projects you might be working on, and the skills you will need to succeed in the program. 

The Early Careers Program is designed to help young graduates and students develop their skills and launch their careers in the data industry. As such, it’s important to approach the program with an open mind and a willingness to learn from more experienced professionals. Be receptive to feedback and take advantage of opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge.

 During the Early Careers Program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with and learn from other professionals in the data industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your professional network and learn from others who have more experience.

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