Exclusive Interview: Eric CHAU

Join us for an insightful interview with Eric Chau, CTO at Datategy, as he shares profound insights into Datategy’s visionary approach to democratizing AI for everyone. Explore papAI solution is a game-changer in enterprise AI. Learn about its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and transparency in AI results.

Interview Eric Chau

What does Datategy do?

Datategy is a company that develops papAI, an artificial intelligence platform enabling companies to integrate AI and data Science into all their departments and to achieve their ambitions in terms of Artificial Intelligence, while at the same time enabling business users to understand the decisions made by AI. Datategy’s vision is to enable the use of AI as a tool to improve business performance. As a result, papAI orchestrates AI projects, from data collection to the production of predictive models.

Could you please give us an overview of Datategy’s AI solution, highlighting its key features and capabilities?

papAI is an enterprise AI solution that enables both technologists and business people to systemize the use of data and deliver ROI from data projects. 

papAI supports the entire data project lifecycle, from data ingestion to model deployment. We thrive in offering a unique solution that builds trust in AI and makes it dead simple to take AI into production, with no Ph.D. required.

One distinctive feature of papAI is its comprehensive support across the entire AI project lifecycle. From the initial stage of data ingestion to the final step of model deployment, papAI streamlines and simplifies every phase of the process. This end-to-end support ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow for users, eliminating the need for disparate tools or complex integrations.

Many organizations struggle with AI adoption due to a lack of in-house expertise. How does Datategy support clients in implementing and integrating its AI solutions effectively, even if they lack AI expertise?

papAI aims to empower a wide range of users to contribute to AI initiatives. By providing a collaborative and user-friendly interface, papAI allows individuals with varying backgrounds to work with data and AI projects. No sci-fi-looking screens nor hundreds of clicks to achieve your goals. 

This design philosophy ensures that individuals with varying backgrounds, even those without extensive AI knowledge, can actively contribute to and engage with data and AI projects. Unlike traditional platforms, papAI avoids imposing complex, sci-fi-like interfaces that can be intimidating. Instead, it prioritizes simplicity, offering a streamlined experience where users can achieve their goals without the need for an extensive learning curve or hundreds of clicks.

Our platform doesn’t try to dumb down data science but rather puts the user in the driver’s seat.

Datategy's vision is centered on empowering organizations to leverage AI as a transparent and insightful tool, fostering enhanced business performance.


CTO at Datategy

Real-world AI applications often require customization and adaptability. How does Datategy’s platform accommodate the diverse needs of different businesses and use cases?

Understanding the dynamic and varied nature of real-world AI applications, Datategy has thoughtfully created papAI to provide unmatched flexibility and adaptability to satisfy the particular requirements of various use cases and enterprises.

papAI provides an extension system that allows users to easily extend the native capabilities of papAI. Leveraging the extension system, users are entitled to package their custom logic into reusable components that can be shared across an organization. 

Moreover, our solution goes a step further by enabling coders to build their own logic using popular programming languages like Python or R. This capability is crucial for organizations with specific coding preferences or those looking to leverage existing expertise. The platform facilitates the creation of custom, self-contained code environments, efficiently managing dependencies to streamline the coding process.

Explain the role of explainability and interpretability in Datategy’s AI solutions. How do you ensure that the AI models provide clear and understandable results, especially in regulated industries?

Datategy thrives in keeping the human in the loop. If a human has the final word on a critical business decision, they need to understand what they are signing for. 

In regulated industries, where transparency is non-negotiable, Datategy ensures that AI models provide clear and understandable results. The human-in-the-loop philosophy means that, ultimately, a human stakeholder has the final say in significant business decisions. To empower them in this role, it’s imperative that they comprehend the intricacies of AI model predictions and outcomes. 

To achieve this, papAI, our cutting-edge AI platform, incorporates a range of model-agnostic tools. These tools serve as a bridge between the complex inner workings of AI models and human stakeholders, facilitating a clear and interpretable understanding of results. These tools enable users to delve into the factors influencing model predictions, fostering a transparent and comprehensible AI environment.

Collaboration and integration with existing systems are key factors in AI implementation. How does Datategy facilitate seamless integration with a wide range of technologies and workflows to maximize value for clients?

papAI should not be seen as a replacement for your existing technologies and workflows, but rather as an accelerator that seamlessly integrates with your existing tools. papAI natively supports a variety of data sources, including SQL and noSQL databases, data warehouses, cloud storage, and APIs. papAI enables the orchestration of complex data pipelines and pushes the computation close to your data by leveraging their underlying engine.

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Exclusive Interview: Eric CHAU
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