Life at Datategy: Seif BEN MAKHLOUF

Hello, I’m Seif, the current Healthcare AI Project Manager at Datategy.

As a first job experience, I have been working at Datategy Company as a Data Scientist & Healthcare Project Manager since November 2022. 

Beforehand, I graduated as a Health Informatics Engineer from Polytech Grenoble Engineering School, one of the top-ranked engineering Schools in France where I have learned a set of skills such as developing and implementing health information systems and medical devices. 

Adding to that, I seized the opportunity to do my last year in an apprenticeship with Datategy to Work on both subjects that I have an interest in: Healthcare and AI.

Life at Datategy: Seif BEN MAKHLOUF

Through this experience, I’ve enhanced multiple skills as a data scientist but most of all the pre-sales require skills such as participating in multiple prospection calls, developing specific demos of our product focusing on the client’s needs to adopt our platform into their ecosystem, and help them in their data challenges. 

As a hobby, I am also a DJ mainly playing House and Tech House music but I listen and add different genres to my mixes depending on my linings and the people.

What is Your Role at Datategy?

My role consists of managing the integration project of our platform papAI and giving support to users of the platform to reach the goals set by the professionals and answer to their real-life needs, especially those related to the medical sector. 

Adding to that, I help the technical team by proposing and implementing new features related to customer demand into the platform to use it to its full potential and make it as flexible as possible for any user from any background, either work-based or more technical. 

Finally, I contribute to the presales aspect by developing specific demos to answer specific real-life use cases of different sectors that we operate on and developing customer-related tools such as documentation and an academy to help the onboarding of new users to use our platform.

What is Your Typical Workday Look Like?

I usually arrive at the office around 9-9:30 AM and start looking at emails and other news related to work. 

I also check with some members of the team different aspects to tackle involving my tasks to take into account and figure out any issues or progress I spread my time to work on some subjects that I need to address, adding to some prospection or client meetings to work around. 

I eat with the team at lunch at the canteen. And finish off my day by finishing my tasks relevant to the day as scheduled. 

My day ends around 6 pm to take my stuff and go home.

Tell us more about the Datategy AI Solution

papAI Solution stands out as a versatile platform designed to streamline data project industrialization across various industries. Its core objective is to simplify the intricate process of constructing production-ready pipelines, spanning from initial data collection to the deployment of inference models, thorough analysis, and insightful visualization. This simplification is made possible through the integration of two pivotal features:

Firstly, papAI offers a collaborative low-code & no-code interface that revolutionizes the user experience. This interface provides a transparent and auditable perspective, allowing users to track and monitor every action, data manipulation, and orchestration within the platform. 

By encapsulating complex machine learning practices into intuitive user interfaces, papAI empowers users to effortlessly navigate through tasks, with added features such as explainable AI tailored to meet the needs of business stakeholders.

Furthermore, papAI boasts a scalable and self-managed underlying infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and efficient workspace for all users. This infrastructure guarantees optimal performance and reliability, regardless of the scale or complexity of the projects undertaken. 

Moreover, papAI extends its functionality by enabling users to develop their extensions and manage assets as services, thereby providing unparalleled flexibility and customization options to cater to specific project requirements and industry standards.

What's your Favorite Part of Your Job?

My favorite part of the job is the fact that I encounter different issues from various sectors, particularly in the healthcare industry, and strive to find solutions that are most suitable for each unique challenge. 

From addressing patient care optimization to improving operational efficiency, the healthcare sector presents a myriad of complex problems that demand innovative solutions. This diversity not only provides me with ample opportunities to learn something new every day but also allows me to continually develop my personal experience within the realm of healthcare.

Within the healthcare sector, each issue presents a new opportunity to make a meaningful impact on patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. 

Whether it’s optimizing treatment protocols, streamlining administrative processes, or enhancing the patient experience, the challenges within healthcare are multifaceted and require a multifaceted approach. This constant exposure to diverse challenges keeps me engaged and motivated, as I strive to contribute to the advancement of healthcare and the well-being of patients.

What's your Next Challenge at Datategy?

My next challenge at Datategy is to always explore and find new solutions to help even more users adopt and democratize AI in real-world situations, particularly focusing on overcoming today’s challenges in the Healthcare sector, where there is vast potential waiting to be unlocked. 

In the realm of healthcare, the integration of AI holds immense promise, ranging from enhancing diagnostic accuracy to optimizing treatment plans and revolutionizing patient care delivery. By delving deeper into the intricacies of healthcare data and leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, I aim to develop tailored solutions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by healthcare providers and institutions.

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Life at Datategy: Seif BEN MAKHLOUF
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