Life at Datategy : Abdul K Shahid

Hey, I am Abdul Web developer

I am someone who has been curious about computers and technology since childhood. Due to my interest in the tech field and the universe conspiring me into the right path, I ended up studying Computer Science Engineering as my bachelors and Software engineering as a Masters of science degree from EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science, Paris. My strong foundation in the computer science field allowed me to explore the tech world and work in my field of interest. 

In my free time, I love playing cricket and also I play dart-throwing with friends. Watch videos and updates on tech trends and so on.


What's your role at Datategy ?

During my early stages at Datategy, I was doing full stack development in the company’s Transport project. And before long, things got really interesting as I got the opportunity to create Papai from scratch. 3 years and counting, I work as the front end lead developer. 

As the front end lead, my role is to check everything getting into Papai by reviewing the code, merging them up and until the pipeline is completed by deploying them into production.

 I design GUI, based on the specifications given by the PO, for the users to be able to use Papai to its full potential. As we use client/server architecture, I enable the communication between the frontend and backend services via REST endpoints. 

I also manage trainees and be their tutor and help them learn more on the Papai code or in programming concepts as a whole and I learn a lot from them as well by doing so. 

I also take part in discussions, when a new feature is going to be introduced, for example and provide my feedback, which allows us as a team to write the specifications by keeping all the aspects of the papai architecture in mind.



What does your typical workday look like ?

I usually wake up at 7am. Get my morning tea and a light breakfast. Then I leave for the office. Once I am at the office or working remotely, we have the daily standup meetings where we discuss our tasks and goals for the day. 

Once I get a clear idea of the day’s goal, I continue my work. I have occasional meetings with the colleagues to discuss and finalize the specifications or clarify any doubts. I listen to music occasionally which, I believe, improves my concentration. Just after a “git push”, to push the day’s work on our version control software, I leave the office. 

In the evenings after work, I go to the French classes twice a week and on other days I come home and make dinner. Before bed, I read some books and end my day with that.

Tell us a little about the Datategy AI solution

The Papai solution, the key product developed and owned by Datategy, in layman’s terms, is an application which uses Machine learning and AI algorithms to process large amounts of data to solve tasks that otherwise require human intelligence. 

A business owner or just a curious data loving person, can make their large amount of data to “make sense”, almost without writing any code with the help of Papai.

 Papai showcases a wide range of features such as data visualization, data cleaning for a regular user. For a more sophisticated user in the world of data science, It is also possible to write a bit of custom code to manipulate the data and get the desired result.

 Papai also allows users to work collaboratively as a team with the help of sharable projects. To not have a list of boring data files in the end, Papai equips a flow diagram which gives a visual representation of all the data and data manipulations. With the rich list of features and years of effort from our developers, Papai is all set to rock the world of data.

What's your favorite part of your job ?

My favorite part of the job is writing code endlessly..  Well, not really. There’s more to programming than just writing code. Before starting to work on a feature, I have to fully understand the purpose of this feature. This inturn allows me to provide a better UI/UX. By doing this iteratively in the regular work process, this has exposed me to the ML world, which is not my forte, but still I have gained much knowledge on this as well.

What's your next challenge on Datategy ?

Considering the vast amount of use cases Papai can handle now and especially in the future, We are building Papai by keeping in mind the scalability and enormous number of potential users who are going to be using the platform. With the application getting really dense, the code base of the application can get messy quite easily. So I have to be always making sure that the code is maintained well and do refactoring whenever necessary. Also the design trends change from time to time, so we keep an eye on the newest trends to provide the user with an intuitive and an ease of use application.

Interested in discovering papAI ?

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Life at Datategy : Abdul K Shahid
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