Life at Datategy : Eren UNLU

Hey. I’m Eren UNLU a data scientist and AI engineer, currently lead data scientist at Datategy, a company pioneering the development of new solutions based on artificial intelligence and data.

My current expertise and professional activities cover a wide spectrum of AI applications such as computer vision, signal processing, resource optimization and forecasting. I conducted more than 6 years of academic research as a PhD student and post-doc in different institutes in France, before joining Datategy in 2019. I also continue to participate in academic activities as I can find within Datategy, publishing papers, giving lectures and developing patents.


What's your role at Datategy ?

I currently serve as the lead data scientist of the company. I joined Datategy around 4 years ago as a data scientist after 6 years of doctoral and postdoctoral research at various institutes in France. Though mostly developing new features for our papAI Enterprise AI Platform, I have been involved in delivering end-to-end solutions for our numerous customers for a broad spectrum of use cases : Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Resource Optimization etc. I also can find some occasion from time to time to publish academic articles and patents related to our R&D, here in Datategy.

What does your typical workday look like ?

As you can expect, my typical workday is mostly defined by the task at the hand. But mostly, it is not much different than a  data scientist’s average day : Exploring and understanding the datasets. Grasping the details of that particular use case, either through communicating with clients and my colleagues or reviewing literature, where usually these use cases are for unfamiliar domains one can imagine from metallurgy to a subtle field of healthcare industry. As I mentioned before, on certain periods where I don’t have any particular task for our clients, I fully spend my time on developing new features for papAI.

Tell us a little about the Datategy AI solution

papAI is a versatile and complete data manipulation, analysis, storage and machine learning/AI platform. Though various definitions exist for such a platform as Business Intelligence (BI), we prefer the Enterprise AI. The most striking differentiating attribute of our platform is completeness. This was one of our mottos before we have launched this project, where papAI would not just encompass any set of functionalities but it will be the best in each of them. So, though one can find, say, a platform specialized solely on data visualization or another platform on machine learning operations or another platform on big data processing , there was a significant gap in the market for such a complete solution. So we have fulfilled this demand by creating papAI. Another important factor emphasizing papAI is our advanced R&D, where we constantly observe the market and academy, analyze the needs and provide state-of-the-art solutions inside papAI before our competitors

What's your favorite part of your job ?

I think the most interesting part of my job is related to the diversity of use cases which allow me to learn a wide array of industrial subjects and being able to introduce innovative solutions with my colleagues which did not exist before, where the market needed most.

What's your next challenge on Datategy ?

We are constantly scaling up available features on papAI platform and we are currently researching and developing game changing new modules for it, where I will be mostly busy with this cycle for next months.

Interested in discovering papAI ?

Our commercial team is at your disposal for any question.

Life at Datategy : Eren UNLU
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