Life at Datategy: Farina ALI

Hey, I am Farina Software Engineer

I have a Master’s degree in computer science. I joined Datategy last year and it has been a great experience. Before coming to France I worked in India, so I have most of my experience from companies in India working as a mobile applications developer. Apart from my professional experience, I am a fan of science fiction. I like working out and going to the gym. Traveling and getting together with friends for a chat.

Life at Datategy

What's your role at Datategy?

At Datategy, I got the opportunity to work on various projects dedicated to Parking in different regions. The primary operating system is Android but now we are also moving to iOS development I am responsible for being a part of the client requirements and accessing them to come up with a feasible solution.

My responsibilities include collaborating with clients to understand their requirements and coming up with viable solutions to meet their needs. This involves identifying key features, designing user interfaces, and working with the development team to ensure that the application meets the client’s expectations.

In addition to my work on mobile applications, I also collaborate with other team members to develop software solutions that help clients manage parking operations more effectively. This includes working on data analytics tools, dashboard systems, and other technologies that can provide valuable insights into parking usage patterns and help clients make more informed decisions.

What does your typical workday look like?

My day normally starts with a cup of tea in the morning and getting to the office by 9:30. After that it’s more or less checking emails for the tasks assigned and replying to any pending messages on Slack for the previous day. I like to list down a few tasks that are a must to achieve and some that can be dropped. This eases the situation of not working parallel on multiple tasks. 

We have a daily meeting to discuss about the tasks and we get working on it. At the lunch time all of us sit together talking about random topics which are very interesting. We have doodles in the cafeteria so there is always room for dessert. Then we resume working at our desks. It is necessary to get up and stay hydrated, so I do that very often. And my day usually ends at 6 PM (+0%~20%) filling my agenda for tomorrow.

What's your favourite part of your job?

My favorite part is the complete routine, it’s good to get out and go to the office. Sometimes we have really good technical discussions regarding topics such as Git etc. Interacting with the team and if everything goes well then we have a working solution at the end of the day.

What's your next challenge on Datategy?

My next challenge at Datategy is to lead the development and launch of the iOS version of the TAM (Traffic and Mobility) application. This project involves collaborating with the development team to ensure that the iOS version of the application meets the same high standards as the Android version, while also taking into account the unique features and requirements of the iOS platform.

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Life at Datategy: Farina ALI
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