Life at Datategy: Thibaud ISHACIAN

Hello, I’m Thibaud, the current Product Manager of papAI Solution at Datategy. 

After undertaking a rigorous three-year undergraduate program in Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences, I successfully passed competitive national examinations, paving the way to state-run graduate engineering schools. I earned my Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from INP-ENSEEIHT in the beautiful city of Toulouse, in the south of France.

Life at datategy

What's your role at Datategy?

My journey at Datategy began during my final internship as a Data Scientist intern. 

I played a pivotal role in the development of OctoCity, a platform designed to analyze smart-city data and human flows. My contribution involved creating an architecture that would allow Datategy’s Data Scientists to manage their notebooks and execute them on Spark. 

Upon completion of my internship, I transitioned into the role of a graduate engineer at Datategy. I was involved in various computer vision projects, where I built pipelines to put data models into production. My growing expertise in Data Engineering led me to join the papAI development team as a Data Architect, where I was responsible for generalizing data pipelines via a no-code user interface. 

Eventually, I took on the role of papAI Product Owner. I now manage the team, refine our backlog, and support our commercial and customer success teams, all while aligning with Datategy’s vision of creating an Enterprise AI platform designed to enhance business decision-making.

What does your typical workday look like?

My day typically starts with a cup of coffee and a quick check of the latest news. Given the ever-evolving nature of our field, there’s always something new to learn and explore. 

Next, I connect with papAI team through our daily meeting, where we discuss any challenges faced and ensure everyone’s work aligns with our planned schedule. I use this discussion to provide detailed specifications, align feasibility with needs, and ensure that each team member feels comfortable in their role. 

A significant part of my day involves ensuring that our roadmap aligns with client expectations, coupled with project follow-ups. At Datategy, we are not just software developers but also machine learning advisors, ensuring our users have the support they need to implement pragmatic AI in production. 

I also assist the commercial team with their sales process, from prospecting with the presales team to providing post-sale technical support. My interactions with them provide invaluable real-world feedback and opportunities to share insights on data science-related subjects. 

Lastly, I collaborate with the tech leads to brainstorm new features for papAI, synthesizing identified needs with emerging technologies. 

Finally, I join the tech leads to brainstorm new stories for papAI by synthesizing the recovered need and the new technologies monitored.

Tell us a little about the Datategy Ai solution?

papAI Solution is an industry-agnostic data project industrialization platform. Its primary goal is to simplify the process of building production-ready pipelines, from data collection to exposed inference models, analysis, and visualization. This simplification is achieved through two key features: 

1. A collaborative low-code interface that offers an auditable perspective, where all actions, data, and orchestrations can be built and monitored. This application encapsulates complex machine learning practices into simple user interfaces, offering features such as explainable AI to business stakeholders. 

2. A scalable, self-managed underlying infrastructure that guarantees a comfortable workspace and optimal performance for all users. Additionally, this product can be extended by users developing their extensions and managing assets as services.

What's your favorite part of your job?

What I relish most about my role is witnessing and contributing to the growth of papAI. The team is filled with dynamic, interesting, and friendly individuals that consistently spark my curiosity. We are navigating a challenging market, but this also allows us to forge strong partnerships with intriguing companies like Synox, a pioneer in French IoT. 

Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve while remaining pragmatic to ensure the product evolves according to our customer’s needs.

What's your next challenge on Datategy?

My next goal is to steer the team toward transforming papAI solution into Software as a Service (SaaS). We aim to cultivate a robust user community, encompassing students, data scientists, data engineers, and business experts. In line with the global market’s shift towards the cloud, we aspire to become an easily accessible AI toolbox.

Interested in discovering papAI?

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Life at Datategy: Thibaud ISHACIAN
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