papAI 7 Unleashed:
The Rise of Context-Aware Generative AI

August 28, 2023 — PARIS Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) is one of the most innovative technologies to emerge in the last decade. At Datategy we are focused on the deep integration of generative AI capabilities into our papAI platform

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new version: papAI 7, which includes Context-Aware Generative AI technology that combines the intuitive and powerful nature of generative AI with the adaptive capabilities of papAI including fine-tuning in large language models (LLMs).

The driving force behind this technical advancement is papAI 7, which demonstrates Datategy’s dedication to pushing the limits of generative AI. Users are empowered to meet a variety of content-generating demands, from textual material to attractive images, thanks to papAI 7’s context-aware generative AI. This technology’s defining feature is its unmatched versatility, which enables users to select material based on certain criteria and goals.

What does Context-Aware Generative AI Mean?

A new age in content development has begun thanks to Context-Aware Generative AIDynamic generative AI thrives on adaptability, in contrast to classic generative AI, which generates material using pre-existing templates. As a result, customers of papAI 7 may quickly create a variety of material that is suited to their specific requirements, including product descriptions for exemple.

Context-Aware Generative AI is a technology that allows the user to adapt to different needs in terms of generating content, images, and other elements according to specific criteria. For example, on the new version of papAI, the user can automatically generate product descriptions by choosing the length of the text. using this criterion, the user can generate a description adapted to his e-commerce site, his social networks, and his internal brochures, while respecting the native restrictions of the latter.

Fine-Tuning Large Language Models at the Heart of a Tailoring Context-Aware Generative AI

In the field of context-aware generative AI, fining Language Models (LLMs) is key to unlocking new tiers of sophistication and flexibility. The practice of fine-tuning language models to match them with particular activities, domains, or situations is referred to in this paradigm. It is the process that fills the gap between a basic grasp of the language and the subtle comprehension required to produce information that is pertinent to the context.

It takes a precise balance to fine-tune LLMs. On the one hand, it saves time and money by utilizing the solid foundation built by pre-trained models. As a result, the generated output is both coherent and contextually correct. On the other hand, it customizes the model to meet the complexities of the target domain, task, or audience.

Examples of applications in different sectors:

  • Cosmetics: Beauty Products Fine-tuning using makeup tutorials, skincare guides, and ingredient information can help the model create persuasive and informative descriptions for cosmetics, focusing on their effects and application methods. 
  • Food and Beverage: Culinary Products Training the model on food blogs, recipe books, and ingredient details can lead to mouth-watering descriptions of food and beverage products, highlighting flavors, textures, and culinary uses 
  • Toys and Games: Children’s Play Items Fine-tuning using toy catalogs, child development resources, and safety guidelines can help the model craft engaging and educational descriptions for toys and games, highlighting their features and learning potential.

Generative AI vs. Context-Aware Generative AI:

It’s crucial to differentiate dynamic generative AI from standard generative AI in order to fully understand the relevance of the latter. Dynamic generative AI enhances this idea by including flexibility into the equation, whereas generative AI revolutionized content production by autonomously producing material based on pre-established patterns.

Aspect Generative AI Context-Aware Generative AI
Flexibility Operates within fixed models Adaptable to user-defined criteria
Content Creation Generates content based on patterns Creates content tailored to specific needs
Parameters Fixed set of rules and models Parameters defined by users for content generation
Adaptability Limited adaptability High degree of adaptability and customization
Content Variety Limited range of generated content Wide array of content types and styles
Automation Partial automation More automated content generation process

Real-World Applications

Context-Aware Generative AI has a wide range of significant applications. The dynamic generative AI of papAI 7 is a flexible toolkit that can be used by anybody from content producers looking to optimize their workflow to marketing experts aiming for custom campaigns:

Marketing Content That Is Tailored: Using this technology, marketers can create powerful product descriptions, captivating social media captions, and convincing commercials. Marketing efforts are sure to provide better outcomes if the content is matched with certain channels and target audiences.

Efficient e-commerce: Platforms for e-commerce may now automatically create product descriptions that appeal to buyers.  generative AI’s flexibility makes sure that descriptions are both SEO-friendly and representative of the brand’s culture.

Personalized User Experiences: The development of personalized user experiences may also benefit from Context-Avare generative AI. The technology improves engagement and user pleasure, whether it is through the creation of personalized email content or dynamic website interface adaptation.

Watch papAI7's Demo and Redefine Your Possibilities

Witnessing generative AI in action on the new version of papAI is an awe-inspiring experience. This live demonstration demonstrates the innovative prowess of the latest iteration of papAI, which promises to revolutionize content creation by harnessing the power of adaptability and scalability.


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papAI 7: The Rise of Context-Aware Generative AI
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