Life at Datategy : Ahmed DRIF

Hello, I’m Ahmed Drif, Head of Sales in the Energy Sector at Datategy. I graduated as an engineer from ESTP in Paris. I shifted my career direction into sales, and I’ve been working in this field for 25 years now.

Life at Datategy : Ahmed DRIF

What's your Role at Datategy?

My primary role involves engaging with clients in the energy and utilities sector. 

I focus on gaining a deep understanding of our client’s challenges and objectives. Through these interactions, I showcase Datategy‘s cutting-edge solutions, particularly emphasizing the power of artificial intelligence. We aim to collaborate closely with our clients, leveraging the benefits of AI to help them efficiently achieve their goals. 

My commitment is to be a strategic partner, guiding our clients toward tailored solutions that specifically address their needs in the realm of energy and utilities

Tell us a Little About the Datategy AI Solution

papAI is a transformative AI solution, that excels in real-time Data processing and optimization. With four key advantages, it streamlines workflows from data loading to production, ensuring compliance through an Algorithmic Certification Interface and simplifying MLOps. 

The platform enhances user confidence with improved explanatory scoring. As an industry-agnostic data project industrialization platform, papAI features a collaborative low-code interface for building production-ready pipelines and a scalable, self-managed infrastructure. Users can extend it by developing extensions and managing assets. Datategy encourages sharing ideas for exploring AI possibilities with papAI.

What does Your Typical Workday Look Like?

A typical day for me at Datategy revolves around active client engagement and strategic prospecting. 

I start by reaching out to clients, fostering and maintaining relationships within the energy and utilities sector. Prospecting is a key part of my routine, allowing me to identify potential opportunities for collaboration. 

One of the highlights of my day is participating in scheduled meetings where I have the opportunity to present Datategy’s solutions. During these engagements, I focus on effectively communicating how our solutions align with the unique needs of clients, showcasing the transformative power of Datategy’s offerings. 

This dynamic blend of client contact, prospecting, and solution presentations contributes to a well-rounded and impactful workday.

What's your Favorite part of Your Job?

The most enjoyable aspect of my role at Datategy is undoubtedly the opportunity to engage with prospects. Meeting new potential clients brings a sense of excitement and discovery to my daily work. 

I find great satisfaction in being able to offer tailored solutions to their unique challenges. The exchange of ideas and insights during these interactions is both enriching and invigorating. Additionally, I thrive on staying abreast of the latest developments in the industry, constantly discovering innovations that can benefit our clients. 

The combination of meeting prospects, providing solutions, and staying at the forefront of industry advancements makes every day at Datategy fulfilling and dynamic.

What's your Next Challenge in Datategy?

Looking ahead, my next significant challenge at Datategy revolves around the advocacy for data democratization and the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence. Convincing clients of the transformative power and benefits that come with democratizing data access and harnessing the capabilities of AI is a key focus. 

It involves not only showcasing the potential impact on their operations but also guiding them through the process of integrating these advanced technologies seamlessly. As the technological landscape evolves, my goal is to help our clients embrace and leverage data and AI in ways that can revolutionize their approaches and enhance their overall performance. 

It’s an exciting challenge that aligns with Datategy’s commitment to innovation and client success.

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Life at Datategy : Ahmed DRIF
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