Life at Datategy: Renato SORTINO

Hello, I’m Renato, Research Engineer at Datategy, working on extending papAI Solution with novel AI methods. 

My background is based on a combination of signal processing, computer science, and machine learning. After obtaining my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering at the University of Catania, I started my Ph.D. in Computer Vision, fascinated by the potential of autonomous learning systems.

What's Your Role at Datategy?

I joined Datategy for an internship during the last year of my Ph.D. in Computer Vision.

Here, my main role is to explore the scientific literature for new solutions to extend the capabilities of papAI and design solutions for specific use cases. After thoroughly reviewing the state of the art, I test different approaches to evaluate the one that best suits our use case. Then, I integrate the approach into the papAI platform, making it customizable by the user for tailored usage. Finally, I report the findings to share the knowledge with the other teams. 

I contributed to extending papAI by integrating an image captioning model into the platform, optimizing it for readable sentence generation to maximize the SEO for ready usage in e-commerce.

What Does Your Typical Workday Look Like?

As a researcher, my first hour of the workday is dedicated to reading papers and the latest news in the AI world, as this is an ever-changing field. Then, I synchronize with the team to discuss the objectives we obtained so far and the next steps, deciding together the best way to integrate the solution into the platform. At this point, I proceed to define my next tasks and plan how to address them, defining a priority and the estimated time of completion for each one. Data analysis and coding compose the majority of my activity when I’m not reading papers, as understanding the data is the most important step in any machine-learning problem. Finally, my day ends with organizing the content I worked with during the day, preparing the following day’s tasks, and managing and responding to emails

Tell us a Little About the Datategy AI Solution?

Datategy proposes papAI, a no-code platform designed to simplify the process of building and deploying machine learning models without the need for coding or extensive programming knowledge. It provides a user-friendly interface and a set of pre-built monitoring tools and components to democratize the use of AI by removing technical barriers and empowering individuals with diverse backgrounds to exploit the capabilities of machine learning methods with relative ease.

What's Your Favorite Part of your Job?

The thing I appreciate the most is seeing the product of my research applied to address real-world problems. Interacting with others to find the best solutions keeps my curiosity alive and never stops enriching my perspective with new points of view.

What's Your Next Challenge at Datategy?

As a next step, I would like to extend papAI solution to new and compelling use cases by enabling it to perform efficient AI models. Deep learning models are the frontier of AI and can lead to a wide range of possibilities

Interested in discovering papAI?

Our commercial team is at your disposal for any questions

Life at Datategy: Renato SORTINO
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